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About Us

Pearls of Nature skincare is a line of handcrafted natural skincare products that were created out of our love for the gifts that nature has given us.  In nature we find a bounty of beautiful raw ingredients that can be used to create products that give our skin what it needs to flourish.  We use the highest quality plant and nut oils, herbs, flowers, and other ingredients available to create products that you can feel safe using.     

Pearls of Nature are….Simple. Taking care of your skin does not have to be complicated.  Nature’s gift to us is found in the simple, yet powerful ingredients found in our home, Planet Earth.  Pure plant ingredients are loaded with a bounty of nutrients. These naturally occurring phtyo-chemicals nourish and protect our skin.  Our skincare products allow you to have a simple routine, with natural, simple ingredients that will give you amazing results.  Let your skin do what it was naturally designed to do….renew, regenerate, revive!  Simple, right?

Pearls of Nature are …Beautiful.  Want to be beautiful?  True, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but having beautiful skin starts with using the beautiful ingredients nature has given us.  We use nature’s gifts….beautiful, pure plant and nut oils, herbs, flowers, and other natural ingredients to create products that will give you nothing less than beautiful, healthy skin.  Our products contain NO chemicals, NO artificial fragrances, NO artificial colors, NO artificial preservatives, NO parabens, and NO synthetic ingredients.  Therefore, you can be assured that with continued use, your skin will thrive.  The beautiful ingredients in our skincare will allow your skin to feel and look beautiful. 

Pearls of Nature are …Timeless.  Many of the nature’s gifts have been here long before we were here, and will be here long after we’re gone.  The ingredients we use in our products are harvested from all over the earth…sustainable and timeless.  Can we stop the aging process?  No, but you can start by understanding that using nature’s gifts can have a timeless effect on our skin and our total well-being.  

About Us